Dec 20, 2011

My Cat just Died...

This morning I heard my wife talking to my maid, She told her that one of my cat passed away yesterday. So sad..

What I don't like about having a pet, that I have to deal with this kinda stuff, you know, dead stuff. The cat was a very happy, male kitten. His age not more than 4 months old. He was the curious one. The one that always bite me whenever I gave him food. Even if I just sitting still, he still bite me! hahaha so funny of him. Sometime he also chews my finger. Today I can feel the dark cloud surrounding the rest of the pack. They were all so quite. Not so playful as they use too.

I have nine cats in the pack. And one other cat that doesn't belong to the pack. So total of ten cats. Six of them we're just kittens. And Five of the kittens had a very bad flu the past two weeks. But this one kitten really can't stand the cold. He don't want to drink the medicine, because of the mucus on his mouth and nose, he can't smell the scent of his food, so hi lost appetite. My sister tried to gave him food through an insulin but it just don't work.

Everyday he's just getting thinner. It was so sad to see him like that every time I got home from work. He just sat there on the sofa, or some time I found him inside the bathroom with slime came out from his mouth and nose.

Yesterday I saw him near the koi pond, he was walking wobbly, then I realized that he is thirsty, so I took him by the neck (a proper way to carry a cat), and I gently put him near his drink. And he just collapsed. I remember when I held him, he was so skinny, I felt no weight on his body. So I believe that he just don't have the strength to stand up. Not long after that, I went to work.

Thats the last time I saw him. She was buried yesterday. I came home late yesterday, and his aunt were sleeping beneath the dinner table, she was so quiet, she didn't even move when I say hi. I know that something is wrong. But I ignored my senses...

So long "Anak siro kecil orens" (Shiro's orange little daughter), I'm very sorry if I ever treat you bad. It was very fun to know you. You will always be a member of the pack. And every time a go to the backyard, I will always remember how you chewing at my fingers :)

This is him with his twin brother..hahaha I really can't tell the difference between the two of them. Their so identical. His brother survive the Flu without medicine.


Dec 14, 2011

Collabo with The Amazing Dika Toolkit


I got the chance to collab with my friend, Dika Toolkit. At first I was like thinking how can I upgrade my skill on Koi drawing? Since it seems to stuck and stop for awhile. So I drew it as a sketch at first, and no matter how hard I've tried to make it look realistic, It always ends up with a cartoon kinda feel. Hahaha. I guess I just have to deal with it. So I add my character on the Koi, and make a cartoon wave on it. After I Inked the sketch, then light bulb lights up!

F**k! I should send this Koi to Dika! and see what he'll do! And so I did. After a few hours, he sent me back the drawing..and VOILA!!!

It is so much better then I could ever imagine...Enjoy :)