Nov 30, 2011

My so called meeting speech

I wrote this on my sketch, it is a prologue for my yearly meeting with all the members of Guru Educational Toys. Hahahah it was very weird that I wrote it in english when I know that it will be delivered in Bahasa.

" It's been a fucking hard year for al of us...the drama of we have to split from our founder company. Power struggle on the production line. the downfall of our marketing (power). The finance report that puts us almost in the state of bankruptcy..

But somehow we still here!

Despite the odds, the gruesome monsters, all those emotion and never ending drama, etc..we are still here!! Our loyal customer still looking for us, still buying our (what you all may think as an overpriced) products. And what most important for me is, we haven't lost anyone on our team.


This company have stood for more then 8 years, but for me it is still an invant. We are still learning how to crawl. Especially in the last 9 months. We were reborn. We are facing again all of the challanges that all of the new company have to face.

But we have two thing in advantage. Two things that somehow we seem to take it for granted.


The first one is our products!!
Our products for the last months have been a benchmark for all Indonesian wooden toys. Now everyone wants to copy us. Even our main rival has the same product quality as ours.

The second one is..although you all mey not bealive this, It is is you! Not me! NO! You guys! I bealive a great company should have 4 (four) things! FOUR KEY PERSONS!

1. A great marketer
2. Person who is incredible in handling product line
3. A higly detailed finance
and last but not least
4. Is a person who trully loyal and passionate to support all of us.

Yes the four of you! I can leave the company at anytime and I guarentee you, that the company will still be running like nothing is happen. That is how amazing you four really are.


I know that there are doubts that clouds you, something that scares you, thoughts of "we never will be as good as we use to". I know how you all feel. Now what I want you to know is, I bealive that this storm will be over soon and the four of you will help me to row this ship to the promise land.

So now, every week in this December, we will have a meeting, where I want to hear all the progress report from all of you. I want to know what are the challanges that you face. But not only pin points it, I also want you to suggest me how can we overcome the challenges.
That way we can face 2012 with our best arsenal. I want the meeting/presentation focus on our future, yes you can talk about the past but I dont want you to be carried away by it. We will be talking about goals, challanges and all the things that can make Guru helthier, and also we will be talking about our rivals. "

hahahahah thats it...and its not me if I didnt draw n what suppose to be a texts..ahahaha