Oct 5, 2011

Steve Jobs

This is will be my hardest post yet...

Steve Jobs just died

I jumped off my bed when I read the news on my iPhone, I surfed every net confirming the news. And its true. My wife also shocked. And I accidentally hurt her. I ignored her, and chose to stay speechless in the bathroom and twit about it. Not knowing she's crying in the room feeling unwanted... I'm very sorry for that. I really didn't mean to..thats how the news hits me. Thats how deeply emotionally I get towards this...

This post will not talk about Steve Jobs biography, I will write about how Steve impacts me.

When I was young, well I'm not that old actually, about 15 years ago, I was at high school. I used to think computer is piece of crap! C'mon! Its suppose to be making life easier! Computer is like a spoiled little brat! You have to build piece by piece, it was hard enough to pick the right parts, even harder to build it together. And if that thing got a virus, its doomed! I don't want a computer! But I have to have one since I took Art School at collage. So I have this big PC running AMD Athlon (its a chip where acts as the brain inside the computer, not a very smart one, but strong enough). For years I didn't want to upgrade the computer. Cause all the parts were inside that big box! No easy access whatsoever! It had billions of viruses, crashed so many time, power supply burnt...bwehhhh!

Then in 2002, my dad took me to a computer store, and asked if I want to upgrade my computer, or even buy a new one. He use an Apple computer when he was in collage, so he is the first person introduced me to one. He bought me a Power BookG4....and I was like...THIS IS IT!! It was clean, simple, powerful! I remember Steve said in one of his keynotes, "The customer didn't want to know about the hard part, so lets make their life easier by making a product thats really dedicated for them"..Thats it! No more right click refresh, I can upgrade my Mac such as adding more memory to it by only losing same screws, easy access. Really does makes my life easier! Thanks dad. After that, I got a job and I can buy my own Mac now :)

I'm the kind of person who really wants to know whats going on in the kitchen? So when I like one specific product, I would like to know who build it. So thats when I know about Steve Jobs. Bla bla bla yada yada yada I've done research about him...man this guy is amazing! Couldn't find a word to describe that. One of his speech that really impacts me is the one where he delivered at the Stamford University. Two sentences changed my live completely "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life" and "Quitting from Apple is one of my best decision ever" !!! He quits Apple!! Than he came back rescuing it from bankruptcy! Steve is a perfectionist when it comes to products. Theres one story where his wife, Laurene, wants to buy a new washing machine. She have to do so many research and comparing so many products and presented to Steve. Then he chose the most efficient in electricity usage, water waste etc. For one rich people he really knows how to shop.

I learn so many leadership from him. He is a visionaries and he will make sure that his vision will come true! Steve's idea is like a spark in a tank of gasoline, look at iPhone! That one sophisticated phone that were created by the underdog phone company at the time, really create a great fire in the phone industry. Now all major phone company are racing to beat the iPhone. Great company starts from a small team! Apple really started from his garage by only three genius masterminds, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne. On one of his biography, he said that a great team is not about large number of people inside it to win the fight! But how you pick a handful of people that share the same interest, same dream and same spirit with you.

Then the tablet (you know, that computer where you can tap the screen using a stylus!). I lose faith in tablet, I love to draw but no tablets can really fulfill my standard. It was slow, thin, and the stylus didn't act exactly how I wanted. YEP! Here comes the iPad! It was huge again! Everyone wants an iPad! And every company wanted to have one just like that! It was perfect (for me). I can sketch, I can write, play games, maybe will be the device to help me teach my kids how to read one day.

Every time Apple released a new device, they took the environmental  issue seriously. The MacBook box its getting smaller every release. No more thick instruction manual. So thats mean more space on the cargo ship, less fuel!

Right now I'm running a toy company, a small one. And I try my best to be a better leader for my employee, try my best to create the best products for all the customer, and also reducing my production waste. I learn all of that from Steve.

Its funny when someone is so great, really makes you like knowing that person even though you never meet him. And right now, Apple fanboy or not, the world just lost one incredible person who makes our live easier by creating these devices that really works for us. "I don't have to fit myself to use the product, it fits me!" Jonathan Ive (Head of Apple design team).

Btw, for those of you who watched the latest keynote presentation, can you imagine hows Tim Cook, Scott Forestall and others feeling knowing that Steve is dying in the hospital? phhfuuuhhhhh...

May you rest in piece Steve, thank you for everything. You made my life and everybody else's esier with your creation. You changed and set the bar so high in the tech world.

Below is my early sketch of Steve Jobs, using SketchBookPro on iMac. Its actually my first try on the Mac App Store.


Let's talk iPhone.....4S

mmmm let see now..where should I begin with this one..It's always a challenge for me to write a review about Apple's latest product, because somehow it tends to draw many of those haters out there to leave such a rude comment about it! What the... dude?? If you chose to use another device thats your choice! This is my review, and I'm writing about something that I love, that I really know and what I've seen, heard and expirienced it first hand. So be gone haters! Go find something more important to argue about. Theres more to life then just hating.

Ok..heheheheh what an opening ey??

Last night, 4 Oct 2011, 9.57 (Cupertino, California)...well its midnight here in Jakarta! My wife was already sleeping, I'm online with my friends Pati (@fertpolin), Gunan (@gunantyo), and Erik (@EriecYevado) via twitter and whatsapp! our heart were pumping fast, hands were sweating, I held my thrist so I wouldnt go to the toilet to take a pee-pee cause I wouldnt wanted to miss a thing of this increadble event. We were talking rubbish on twitter can't wait for the presentation to begins. The feeling reminds me of my first day at kindergarten.

This is the moment where Tim Cook will be addressing himself as the CEO of Apple! (Dont ask how I feel about Steve Jobs resegnition). And for most of the people, this is the moment where, they thought the new iPhone will be realesed! The iPhone5!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA I can imagine how they feel when its actually iPhone4s ! Many people will be dissapointed in this. But c'mon people..didn't you see the patterns here? iPhone, iPhone3G, iPhone3GS then iPhone4? So it's obvious that the next iPhone is iPhone4S not iPhone5!

From the look of it, it still featured the same design as the previous iPhone4, I bet many people were angry about this..but theres a monster chip inside, an A5 CoreDuo chip! It will make the iPhone runs apps faster, smoother graphic and of course the most powerfull iPhone yet!

Next one is the camera. I always uncomfortable when reviewing a phone's camera, maybe bacause I find that was not important, but since I found out the fact that 90% of my photos in iPhoto were taken by iPhone camera, so...here it is, the iPhone4S has 8MP camera with autofocus,tap to focus, LED flash and also Face Detector! The front camera still VGA. For video recording it will produce HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second. For most people, at least for me, maybe it will be the best camera video.

One of the most, or I think it will be the one that most people happy is that iPhone4S uses GSM and CDMA frequency!

Thats it...everything else is just the same as iPhone4, one more thing, dont forget that the letter "S" behind 4 and 3G at the time, stands for "Speed" so its obvious the main changes is the chip inside it.


But wait!!

Theres iOS5! It will be the most powerful mobile phone operating system yet (I bealive this is why those haters hates me...screw them!) I assume that all of you readers are already know about iOS5 so I'm not going to write about all of it feature (go find it on www.apple.com/ios). But there's one very very and I mean VERY interesting feature.....it has a name..."it" its actually a woman...and her name is Siri. She's like a secretary inside your iPhone. Just ask! Siri will do the rest! Sounds like Tony Stark stuff ei?? But its true. Siri is a virtual assistant implanted on the iOS5. She's smart, you dont have to remember or said the right sentence to make her do what you ask for, such as "how's the weather today?" you can ask her "should I bring an umbrella today?" and Siri will show you the weather forecast for today. Lets say, your friend ask you out by sending you a text messege, Siri will read it to you, and you can ask like "do I have anything on schadule on (let say) Friday?", Siri will check on your iCal and inform you, you can even ask her to reply the messege and set the calender for your date! Siri remembers everything your wife, your personal data, your schedule everything....a bit creepy thou hahahaha....can't wait to meet her..

Right now Siri is already an easy target for those haters...poor her...we'll see...

iOS5 will be free for download on your iOS devices on the 12 of Oct 2011. And it runs on iPhone 3GS, 4 and (of course) iPhone4S, iPad and iPad2 also...so sorry since I dont have iPod touch, so I dont know wich iPod touch can runs iOS5...sorry.

iOS5 also features iMessage (like BBM on Blackberry) between iOS devices, Notification center (like Android does) say bye bye to those annoying pop up notification while we're throwing Hadouken on StreetFighter Volt, newstand (Another name for newspaper store) and iCloud (new and improve version of mobile me).

Suggestion? Honestly for me, if I''m using iPhone4 right now, theres no strong reason to upgrade to iPhone4S. Since the features in iOS5 whats important. And I think iPhone4 still strong enough and fast enough to handle iOS5. It will survive for another year or two. BUT!! I'm actually using iPhone3GS right now and I encountered so many lag-ing and app crashing, and it still iOS4. Still good thou..But I'm not sure what will happen if iOS5 is installed. I'm considering upgrading it to iPhone4S :)

Well, I guess thats it...iPhone4S will be available for some country on the 14Oct and more on the 21st. I forget the coutries...sorry...And its the fastest distribution ever. Thanks to Tim Cook!!



The image above were taken from Apple official website